Voice of Void | Sanne Clifford & Manon Veldhuis | 2019

Pictures by Sjoerd Derine

Pictures by Keith Montgomery

Are we aligned with our surroundings or did we irreversibly distance ourselves from them?

Inspired by the different paces of nature versus urban environments and the feeling of insignificance a grand landscape can evoke. Voice of Void zooms in on the influences of our surroundings in daily life and how it effects our inner world.

This visual choreography / dancing installation by Sanne Clifford (choreographer) and Manon Veldhuis (scenographer) highlights the contrast between these two environments we live in. They can provide stability or reason to adjust. The dancers move and respond to the rhythms of this changing landscape. Experience a mesmerizing game of different paces and unfolding patterns through movement, breath and an ongoing changing scenery.

Concept Sanne Clifford & Manon Veldhuis
Choreography Sanne Clifford
Scenography Manon Veldhuis
Music Amir Swaab
Dance & co-creation Fabiana Carchesio, Fernanda Gonzalez Morales, Candela Murillo & Amber Smits/Sanne Clifford.

7 June - Schemerstad 2019 (10 minute version)
8 June - Schemerstad 219 (10 minute version)

30 July - Boslab 2019, Amsterdams Bostheater | Premiere
31 July till 3 August - Boslab 2019 | Amsterdams Bostheater
6 August till 10 August - Boslab 2019 | Amsterdam Bostheater
11 October - CC Amstel | Double bill i.c.w. Sandra Kramerova

This performance is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).

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