TEDX Amsterdam, 10 year anniversary | Stichting Nieuwe Helden | 2018

Pictures by Manon Veldhuis

For the 10th edition of TEDxAmsterdam Stichting Nieuwe Helden has created a dramaturgic red line throughout the whole program. From beginning till end. To make the visitors part of an overall story. Every part of the day did not stand on its own but was a part of a bigger picture.

That bigger picture is formed around this years theme ‘The Big X’. The Big X stood for several things. The birthday of TEDx, 10 years of inspiring talks and the city of Amsterdam. The city we love and get inspired by. But the X also stood for something else, which brought everything together. The Big X was about the big unknown. About answers we need to big furture related questions. In the complex times we are living in, celebrating an event like TEDx was not only about naming milestones, but also about looking forward. What does Amsterdam look like in another 10 years? What are the challenges and opportunities? There are so many questions and there are even more answers.

The future is a big puzzle. But the question is who has the answers?
We all have.
We are all part of the future.
We all are a piece in the big puzzle.

November 2018

Direction & Presentation Lucas De Man
Directing Assistant 
Jasper van den Berg
Pascal Leboucq en Manon Veldhuis
Produced by 
Stichting Nieuwe Helden
Production leader 
Emiel van Rietveld

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